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Future-proof Your 3D Library Now

Wednesday @ 10:00am

The Metaverse is coming and it will create new challenges for brands. One big risk is content management -- specifically, how to prevent your 3D content library from spiraling out of control amid the coming 3D avalanche. In this session, Shutterstock's Dade Orgeron, VP of 3D innovation, will share tips for how to prevent that from happening, from standards to working with the right infrastructure-- so you can navigate the future with ease.

Dade Orgeron

VP of 3D innovation

Dade Orgeron has been building virtual worlds for over 25 years. He has worked as a 3D Designer, Art Director, Creative Director, 3D Director and mentor - helping 3D artists hone the skills they need to become masters of their craft. In 2013, Dade joined TurboSquid to help build and curate the world’s largest 3D content library and to bring 3D models to an even wider audience of non-3D users. Since then, his focus has been to simplify the overtly technical challenges facing 3D artists by developing standards, tools, and training that allow artists to focus more on the creative side of 3D content creation. Now at Shutterstock, his vision for feeding content to the Metaverse gains even sharper focus as he looks toward harnessing AI and ML technologies to help 3D content creators build, conform, manage, and distribute their 3D content. Dade is based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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